Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Samira was one of only seven women photographed for this project.  I am pretty excited for the year to end, so I can start the next step of the project.  My goal, after I have freed up some time, is to go down to Heartside Ministry to the art studio to volunteer.  I have Friday off from work, and I am hoping to volunteer there and perhaps run into some of the people I have "met" through this endeavor.  I am really upset about not having any background stories about the people I am "spending so much time with" during the painting process.  I really want to make a more personal connection through this, and cannot wait to be able to spend some time down there!


  1. Wow! Your journey is inspiring... Thank you for sharing. Your portraits are honest depictions moving us to "see" the homeless. What a gift! ( saw your comment on CPS question today and followed your link)

  2. Thanks for your comment, this has been an amazing project so far, and it keeps getting better!