Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Are You A Follower?

So it has been awhile since I have posted!  Even though I am a little behind on the portraits, I haven't been doing nothing.....the letters to gain permission to use the lyrics have been written and mailed.....PLEASE PRAY FOR A QUICK RESPONSE!  I am really nervous about getting the permission.  I do have a back-up plan just in case.  There is another song, also called "Beautiful", by Mercy Me, a christian music group.  It also captures the meaning that I am trying to convey with this project.  So, now it is a waiting game......did I mention I am not really good at waiting?!

This week also marks the start of sign-ups for venues!  I have two or three in mind that I would love to get into, so your prayers are welcome for this part of the venture also!  I have started to work on the layout and thinking about the actual putting together of the pieces.  It is going to have to be done in pieces so that we can transport it safely, so we are thinking panels.

Now I would love to introduce you to Miciah and Torrin.  Miciah is the youngest of the people we met.  Torrin has actually shown up at Heartside while I was there one week.  I am really hoping that I run into him again so that I can show him his portrait!  How cool would that be!?  I am hoping to get two more done yet this week, so we will see how that goes!  Thank you to everyone who has signed up as a follower......my goal is to reach 100 by the time I sign up as an artist.  I have just over a month to reach that goal!  I really think that it will help me to secure a venue by showing the support that I already have for the piece!  Please please please, if you haven't already, please sign up as a follower!  It would mean a lot to me!

Thank you for your continued support and prayers!  I cannot believe how fast the time is moving now!