Friday, December 30, 2011

Answered Prayers

So, I don't have a new portrait, but I do have some AMAZING NEWS!  Do you remember Donnie?

Donnie is no longer homeless!!!  He has recently gotten his own apartment!!!  How amazing is it that his was the first portrait I worked on, and he now has a place to call his own!?  CAN YOU FEEL MY EXCITEMENT!?
     This morning I went down to get signed up to volunteer at Heartside Ministry in the Art Studio.  It was a rainy morning, I was low on gas, and I started to wonder if I should come back another time.  I got to Grand Rapids and started to see people standing around out in the cold, wet rain and realized I just needed to suck it up and get on with it.  So I parked the van, and walked 2 1/2 blocks to the building.  When I got there, I realized that not only was this place an art studio, it was shelter for these men and women from the rain.  I was pretty glad I kept going.  The person I needed to talk to was actually in a meeting, but I left my information and was hoping to hear back soon....I really want to start next week :) By the time I got home, I had an email waiting, so I replied and sent her to check out this blog.  You can imagine my IMMENSE joy and surprise after reading her response that not only did she know a few people I have already painted, but Donnie has just moved into his own place!  Now I would be foolish to think that I had anything to do with that, but I kind of do anyway!  Prayer is amazing :)  I have prayed for these beautiful souls a lot since meeting them, and I believe that you all have as well!  God listens to us!
     As you may have surmised by now, I am a reader.  I just finished the book "Under the Overpass" that was lent to me by a good friend.  It is all about two college students who decided to live out their faith by living as Homeless men for almost a year.  I am humbled by their faith, and in awe of the courage that it took to do that!  They really learned a lot in a short amount of time.  I am not saying that we should all do that, we are not all called to do that.  What I am saying is we should listen to what we are being called to do and act on it!!!  Who knows what could happen if we all did!
     Starting next week I will be back to my two a week goal (sooner if time permits).  I hope that you will all continue to watch this project unfold, sign up to be a follower if you are lurking (I am hoping that this will help as I search out a venue when the time comes), and KEEP THOSE PRAYERS COMING!

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  1. Wow! That's an amazing portrait and a fabulous story! Thanks so much for sharing at the Kiss & Tell party over at my place!
    <3 Christina

    {p.s. I notice you have word verification on. You might consider turning it off to get more interaction with your site. You can see more blogging tips at my Blog Tips & Resolution party.}