Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

     Happy New Year!  Here I am, back at it....painting away :)  I have a new person for you to meet today.  His name is Larry.  When we went to take the photos, Larry and Robert insisted on being photographed together.  This made me smile!  It was good to see that even in the bad circumstances that life throws at us, friends still stick together :)
     What resolutions did you make for the New Year?  My biggest resolution is to continue on with this project and let it wash over my life.  I am looking forward to going down to Heartside and learning more about the people that have allowed me to highlight them with this project.  I have also started to think about the next step in this process....the Venue.  This one is HUGE!  I want this piece to be seen by many so that these people will open the eyes of the average person.  Hmmmm....this is going to take some thought.....

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