Monday, January 23, 2012

I realize this pic is larger than most, but I really wanted to highlight the love love how they turned out!  This is Dimmarowe, when we took the photos, he was a little hesitant to have his taken, but after we explained in more detail what it was for, he decided to be a part of this...and am I ever glad, because his face is awesome!  I have seen him once since starting at Heartside, but haven't had the chance to talk to him yet.  I am loving going down there though.  Last week I took a journal and did some sketching while I was there.  I also chatted with a man, James, who looks JUST LIKE Snoop Dogg....I am not even kidding!!  He was working on drawing portraits.  I also met a very gifted seamstress who was working on these adorable stuffed animals that she does quite well selling!  If anyone is interested in finding a unique gift, check out the studio at Heartside....not only will you score some one of a kind artwork, but you will be helping a wonderful artist more than you know!

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