Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Really Cool People!

     So last week Friday I was finally able to start volunteering at Heartside, in the art studio.  I LOVED IT!!!  I cannot wait to go back this week :)  At first I was feeling a little awkward, I didn't really know what to do or what I was meant to be doing.  After about an hour I just started to wander among the artists and chat with them....that was when it really started to become great!  There was a woman sitting next to me all afternoon, named Kathy.  She wasn't feeling too well and seemed stuck in her artwork....and she didn't seem to want to talk at all.  She left for a few minutes, and when she returned she had some mail (apparently they can have their mail delivered there).  She opened it and spent some time reading it and all of a sudden, without a word, she handed over her new Driver's License for me to see.  I admired her picture on it and asked to see her old one.  She showed it to me, and I commented on her different hairstyle between the two.  Then I noticed there was a watermark on her new one.....right under her lip.  So I said if she tilted it just right, it looked like she had a mustache.....SHE BUSTED UP LAUGHING!!!  That was all it took, the next two hours she and I talked like we were old friends :) :) :)  Love, love, love!  I also met a man named David and heard his story.....art really has been his healing!  I also met Walter....Walter was something else :)  He told me about a ton of different documentaries he has seen, what a great guy!  Our conversation was very informative...I learned quite a bit!  Like I said, I cannot wait to go back this week :)
     Anyway, here is Yakie.  He was a little shy about having his photo taken, he was even biting his lip :)  I know just how he feels....I, too, hate having my picture taken!  Thank you Yakie, for letting me share your image with everyone....I am praying that you have a warm place to sleep tonight....it sure is cold out there!

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